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Loyal is recruiting senior dogs to be part of our STAY study — the final effectiveness study for LOY-002, our drug to extend healthy lifespan in senior dogs of all sizes.
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The launch of the STAY study is a major step toward making LOY-002 available to dogs everywhere.
The largest study of its kind
The STAY study is being conducted in partnership with more than 50 independent veterinary clinics across the country, with over 1,000 pet dogs participating.
Not all study participants will receive the drug — some will receive a placebo pill instead. This give us a “control” that allows us to identify the actual impact the drug is having compared with dogs who did not receive the drug.
This is the gold standard in safety and effectiveness testing — neither the study participants nor the investigators will know who is receiving the drug or a placebo. This prevents bias in the results.
Developing new medications
Preclinical studies
Early efficacy studies in controlled laboratory environments — proofs of concept that the drug will have the desired effect
Pilot study
A smaller version of the full clinical study that helps us ensure our study is well designed to deliver the safety and effectiveness data we require
Clinical study
A large-scale nationwide study evaluating the drug’s safety and effectiveness in real-world veterinary settings with pets
FDA approval*
Working with the FDA to review manufacturing, safety, and effectiveness data, our goal is to get the drug approved so vets can prescribe it for your dog
*FDA approval not guaranteed
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Interested in enrolling your dog in STAY?
To qualify, your dog needs to:
The study lasts for four years — it’s essential that your dog participates for the full duration of the study.
Participating dogs will receive wellness visits and associated lab tests at no cost.
We’ll be opening enrollment at study sites across the country over the coming months. To find a site near you, consult the map below — if there’s a site open for enrollment, contact them directly and provide your dog’s name, age, weight, and any health conditions.
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Enrolling now
Participating clinical sites
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For more details on enrolling your dog, read our post.
Thanks for your interest in this clinical study. Your participation is an important step in getting innovative, safe, and effective medications approved for dogs.
Why should my dog and I participate?
By participating, you’re contributing to the development of innovative, safe, and effective medications to extend the lifespan of dogs and maintain their quality of life as they age.
Your dog will receive wellness visits and study-related lab work at no cost to you for the duration of the study.
What’s expected of participants?
To be eligible your dog must be at least 10 years old and weigh 14 pounds or more.
You’ll need to commit to participating in a study that will span up to four years.
You’ll give your dog the flavored chewable study medication every day.
You’ll also need to complete brief surveys about your dog’s quality of life throughout the study, which can be completed at the vet clinic or at home on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Finally, you’ll need to transfer your dog’s primary care to the study clinic and bring your dog to the clinic for study visits — six visits in the first year and two visits a year for the remaining years.
Will my dog get the drug if they participate?
Since the study is double-blinded and placebo-controlled, early access to the drug is not guaranteed as your dog has a 50% chance of receiving active drug or placebo.
Will my dog live longer if they participate?
This study will compare the lifespan, health, and quality of life in dogs taking the study drug against dogs that are given placebo tablets that do not contain the drug.
We hope that the dogs on the study drug will live longer and stay healthier — the study is designed to tell us in a controlled, unbiased way whether it does. As a participant in the study your dog may be given the study drug or may be on a placebo, but this information will remain blinded until after the study has ended.
After the study ends, the drug will be submitted to the FDA for approval as a prescription product.
My dog isn’t 10 years old yet — are they eligible to enroll?
All dogs in the STAY study must be 10 or older at the time of enrollment with documentation of age. These requirements are necessary to ensure the scientific integrity of our study, so we’re not able to make any exceptions.
Is this study safe for my dog?
We have extensive safety data for this drug at doses much higher than those used in the study. Even so, anytime your dog takes medication there is the possibility of a side effect. There will be more information about safety in the Informed Consent form you’ll receive from your veterinary team.
If your dog does experience side effects from the drug, you’ll be supported with safety resources, including training on how to recognize side effects and access to a 24/7 hotline.
LOY-002 is not aimed at treating a specific disease. Therefore, if your dog is given the placebo in the study, they don’t run any risks associated with being untreated. If your dog gets sick for any reason, you’re free to treat them with normal veterinary care.
Who is Loyal?
Loyal is an animal health biotech company based in San Francisco. We’re developing drugs that extend the healthy lifespan of dogs and help maintain their quality of life as they age. We’re partnering with veterinarians across the country to conduct our STAY study, the largest clinical study of its kind ever conducted.
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