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We’re researching and developing a number of drugs that target various cellular processes hypothesized to be relevant to dog aging.


LOY-001 specifically targets a cellular mechanism that is hypothesized to cause large and giant breed dogs to age faster and have shorter lifespans than their small-breed companions.

Pilot studies have shown that LOY-001 safely and efficaciously modulates the target biomarker.

We expect LOY-001 will enter clinical trials in mid-2021.

Proof-of-Concept Complete

Laboratory Pilot Studies Underway

Pivotal Field Study Not Started

Not Yet FDA Approved

LOY-001 Potential Outcomes

More, Healthier Years of Life

On average, small breed dogs like Chihuahuas can live up to 2X longer than giant breeds. LOY-001 is targeting one of the biological mechanisms thought to cause this lifespan disparity.

The drug is thought to work in part by slowing the rate of aging, therefore extending the number of healthy years the dog lives.

Metabolic Fitness

A healthy metabolism is fundamental to fueling a healthy body. Just like humans, dog's metabolic fitness declines with age. You may notice that older dogs tend to get chubbier, tire faster, and sleep more. A core measure of metabolic fitness is glucose (sugar) metabolism. Early studies of LOY-001 have shown improvements in glucose metabolism and insulin levels.

Preventative Medicine

LOY-001 is hypothesized to work best as a preventative treatment.

In clinical studies LOY-001 will be given to generally healthy dogs to assess whether they stay healthier, longer.


This candidate is targeting a mechanism that, in mice and humans, has shown notable improvement in cognitive function and all-cause mortality.

Pilot studies are currently underway. We expect to enter clinical trials in 2021

Proof-of-Concept Complete

Laboratory Pilot Studies Underway

Pivotal Field Study Not Started

Not Yet FDA Approved

LOY-004 Potential Outcomes

For Older Dogs of Any Size

While LOY-001 is primarily designed for preventative use in young, large-breed dogs, LOY-002/3/4 are in development for use as an acute treatment after symptoms of cognitive and physical aging have onset.

This product is in development for dogs of all sizes.

Canine Chronic Kidney Disease

Your dog’s kidneys are responsible for filtering out toxins and waste from their blood. Aging can cause the kidneys to function less well, damaging your dog’s health. There is currently no cure for Chronic Kidney Disease, and the disease is terminal.

Dog Cognition

As your dog ages, you may notice that she is sleeping poorly, disoriented and anxious, or house-soiling. This is due to what is colloquially known as "Doggy Dementia". Just like humans, many dogs experience reduced brain function as they get older.

The Healthspan Study

Observational clinical study

Actively recruiting

The Healthspan Study is an observational (no drug) study designed to better understand some of the reasons why small breed dogs live longer lives and how to potentially apply those learnings to larger breed dogs.

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