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We’re on a mission to comprehend the molecular mechanisms that contribute to aging.

While a long-standing problem in the field, we are still just scratching the surface. Only recently have tools become powerful enough to help produce, process, and analyze the vast multivariate data required to solve the aging problem at population and individual levels.

Today, we are leveraging the same minds, infrastructure, and tools in research to understand one of the most complex processes in nature.

Our team is comprised of individuals that have been a part of these world-renowned companies

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From our own studies, collaborations, and public datasets, we are building full-stack, cloud-based pipelines to integrate multimodal data.

We use a variety of tools to interrogate and find meaning within the data, including supervised and unsupervised methods, bayesian inference, and deep learning.

We look for connections between datasets that have shown to predict both age and age-related diseases.

Finally, we combine these interactions into an aging biomarker network, which is used to both target interventions and validate intervention efficacy.


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