An illustration of a Dobermann cropped so just the head is visible. It has its mouth open and is looking up at abstract elements that resemble stars, a chromosome and a molecule.

On Developing Aging Drugs for Dogs

Canine Aging Primer

Written by Dr. Brennen McKenzie

Chapter 1: What is Aging?

For a phenomenon we all experience, aging is challenging to define precisely. It involves changes that occur over time, but time is not necessarily the primary driver of those changes. Aging can be considered from many perspectives.

Chapter 2: How Does Aging Affect Dogs?

Aging leads to numerous negative changes, some visible others not. The accumulation of these changes undermines the health and quality of life in aging dogs.

Chapter 5: What Can We Do About Aging in Dogs?

There are several specific diet and lifestyle changes that have proven successful at slowing and reducing aging and age-associated disease.

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