A shadowy dog sprints along the horizon line of windswept, sandy dunes.

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Learn more about the biology of aging

The Longevity FAQ by Laura Deming | An excellent introduction to the aging thesis, our ability to make mice live longer, healthier lives in a shocking number of ways, and

Great Danes and Grandads | An excellent introduction the problem of aging, the idea that is can be slowed with pharmacologic intervention, and the similarities between Granddads and Great Danes!

The Dog Aging Project's Blog | Impossible to pick a favorite, the Dog Aging Project has some of the best reading out there on dog aging.

NYTimes: Old Dogs, New Research and the Secrets of Aging | A fantastic article highlighting the various players working on dog aging, including a couple of our collaborators.

The CEO's Blog | Our CEO Celine regularly writes about biotech entrepreneurship and aging biology.

LifeSci VC | A blog on the business of biotechnology.

Cell Biology by the Numbers | A free online textbook that gives readers a great model of molecular biology.