The Healthspan study has Completed Enrollment

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Brennen McKenzie, MA, MSc, VMD
by Brennen McKenzie, MA, MSc, VMD

Loyal has completed its first clinical study.

The Healthspan study successfully recruited over 500 dogs from across the United States, exceeding our target enrollment.

The aim of the Healthspan study was to better understand various aging and aging-related biomarkers and how they may relate to dog size and age.

Dogs were evaluated by specially trained veterinarians at 11 locations across the country, from traditional private veterinary hospitals to university medical centers, and in our novel pop-up style mobile study sites.

The data gathered in the Healthspan study will advance the field’s understanding of aging in dogs and help develop treatments that reduce the impact of aging on our dogs. We will publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal; preliminary analysis is estimated to be completed by Q4’21.

Thank you to all of our Loyal Pack members, pup parents, and veterinarians who contributed to this important research study.

Our (adorable) 500th participant: Max Hanson the Miniature Schnauzer at Midlands Veterinary Practice

And we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic clinical partners:

  • Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
  • Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital
  • Front Range Veterinary Clinic
  • Animal Hospital of Dauphin County
  • Muttville Senior Dog Rescue (Pop-up Clinic)
  • 4 Paws Mobile Veterinary Services
  • Northgate Pet Clinic
  • Hillside Veterinary Clinic
  • Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital
  • Cornell University Hospital for Animals
  • The Animal Center
  • Midlands Veterinary Practice

Want to learn how we did this?

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Some of our amazing community scientists and study participants

Jumbo, miniature american shepherd whispers in human's ear
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