Our mission is to develop the first drugs specifically designed to extend healthspan and lifespan.

Better aging = a longer, healthier life

Aging is the ultimate risk factor for some of the most destructive and painful diseases. Instead of playing whack-a-mole against the many maladies of aging, our goal is to develop drugs that slow the rate of aging and therefore delay or prevent multiple diseases simultaneously.

We hope to both increase healthspan (quality of life) and lifespan (years of life).

From reactive to preventative medicine

Most medicines today can be classified as “reactive medicines” - you get sick, then take them to mask the symptoms or hopefully get better. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms develop permanent damage is often already done.

We aim to develop medicines that prevent the onset of diseases, in addition to classic reactive medicines.

What works in dogs may help humans, too

Dogs are our closest companions - in every sense of the word. We co-evolved with dogs, sharing our environment for tens of thousands of years. Dogs develop many of the same aging diseases as people, at similar rates and times in their lives.

Dog aging drugs may not only help our best friends live healthier lives - we’ll also gather invaluable data for developing potential medicines for people, too.

A woman with a hiking backpack hugs a big, brown doggo on a brushy hillside hike

We support the development of more translational aging & founder-led biotechnology companies.

Basic Research at Every Step

Our studies are designed with two questions in mind:

  • How can we learn more about how our candidate drug works?
  • What fundamental aging biology questions can we answer?

We invest in work that not only supports the development of our products, but also future aging research and drugs. We commit to publish all of our results, both positive and negative.

Supporting Biotechnology Entrepreneurship

Generally speaking, companies are responsible for taking basic research from the laboratory to patients.

In biotech, there are more high-potential ideas for new medicines than founders to work on them.

We care about fostering a strong biotech ecosystem. Here are a few of the ways we give back to the community:

  • A robust internship program to expose students to biotech entrepreneurship.
  • Most founders were once employees at other startups. We have a transparent culture that allows interested Loyal team members to learn about all aspects of company building.
  • Public talks & blogs on the opaque parts of biotechnology industry and drug development.

At Loyal, we care about supporting the biotechnology and aging field. Why?

More aging research

leads to

more medicines developed

leads to

more patients (dog & human!) helped.

Want to go deeper on the biology of aging?