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Current Loyal Pack Studies

Dog Face Greying Study

Observational study
Recruiting now

Just like us, dogs go grey with age. Greying hair is one of the most visible signs of age.

We are conducting one of the first studies to understand when and how dogs go grey. To accomplish this, we will need photos of thousands of dogs of all breeds, ages, and greying.

Dog owners from all over the world may participate - all we need is a series of photos of your dog, his or her age, and breed.


The Healthspan Study

Observational study
Recruiting now

The Healthspan Study is an observational (no drug) study designed to better understand some of the reasons why small breed dogs live longer lives and how to potentially apply those learnings to larger breed, shorter lived dogs.

Participating dog owners will receive a free wellness check-up exam, exclusive Healthspan Study bandana and t-shirt. Enrollment is limited to specific geographical areas.

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