We’re on a Mission to Treat Aging in Dogs.

Rather than treat these end-stage diseases individually, we are developing therapeutics that aim to promote functional resilience, improve healthspan, and delay the onset of overall age-related disease and frailty in dogs.

Our current pipeline includes treatments designed to address lifespan and healthspan, age-associated cognitive decline, chronic kidney disease, and osteoarthritis. These diseases were chosen in collaboration with vets to understand the biggest unmet needs.

We work closely with vets to ensure we prioritize the development of products most needed in the field and ensure widespread, representative access of our products.

Aiming to Advance Pet Care with The Healthspan Study

We are currently enrolling for an observational field study. The goal is to validate various aging biomarkers and clinical endpoints relevant to healthspan and lifespan in small and large breed dogs.

This study will inform the design of our interventional clinical trials. Interested dog owners may enroll their dogs at one of our multiple trial sites across the United States.

If you would like to learn about the study, how to enroll your clients, or are interested in becoming a future Loyal study site, please contact us below.

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A woman in a yellow sweater comforts her large, white and black spotted dog as a vet presses his stethoscope to its stomach

The Importance of Collaboration Across Academia, Industry, and Veterinary Practice

The fundamental goal of Animal Health companies like Loyal is to give practicing vets better tools for treating their patients.

For any veterinary product, there are three key stakeholders: the dog, the Pet Parent, and their vet. We design our products with each stakeholder’s perspective and needs in mind.

Industry plays a key role bringing academic discoveries to the shelf of every veterinarian’s office. We take this responsibility seriously and look forward to working together on bringing forward a new class of medicines.

Our Commitments

  • We will publish our results (positive and negative) to support the further development of veterinary science and animal health.
  • We will only develop products that are proven to be safe.
  • Our clinical studies will be enrolled across the United States, facilitating access to as many dogs in need as possible.
  • We collaborate with vets to ensure our products will serve compelling unmet needs in veterinary medicine.
  • Veterinarians, internal and external, are involved at every stage of product development.

Talk to a Loyal Veterinarian

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