The study will start recruiting in November 2021.

Trial sites for the Dog Longevity Study will be hosted in multiple geographical regions in the United States.

- Quakerstown Vet Clinic - Quakertown, PA

- Bradford Park Vet Hospital - Springfield, MO

- Florida Veterinary Behavior Service - West Palm Beach, FL

After qualification, you’ll agree to bring your dog to our trial site for a standard slate of tests common in veterinary checkups. We expect this vet visit to take 30 minutes to an hour. Throughout the course of the study, you’ll have your dog wear an activity monitor that tracks behavior including sleep, scratching, location, and movement.

The study will begin in February 2021 and end in July 2021. You’ll receive updates on your dog’s health throughout the entirety of the study.

We’ll run a set of standard blood tests and perform a physical examination to get a baseline measure of your pup’s health. A subset of dogs will be randomly selected to monitor activity for the duration of the study.

We hope to identify biological measures of aging in dogs, allowing us to better characterize their aging process and ultimately develop therapeutics that delay the onset of age associated disease.

Yes! This is a non-interventional study, meaning we aren’t administering any drug, only observing multiple measures of physical and emotional well being in dogs. This includes standard tests and procedures common in veterinary check-ups.

This study is sponsored by Loyal, an animal health company.