Does your dog want to be a Healthspan Study Scientist?

The Healthspan Study is an observational study to help us better understand the biology behind how our best friends age.

Participants will attend a single free vet visit that includes a complete wellness check.

We are looking for dogs that....

  • have an accurately documented birth year*,
  • weigh less than 25 lbs or more than 50 lbs,
  • are 2-5 years old OR 7 or more years old, and
  • do not have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus or hypoadrenocorticism (also called Addison's disease)

* This can be either a breeding record with a specific date of birth OR a vet exam or vet treatment record from when the dog was six months or younger

Illustration of a young Saint Bernard dog running very fast with its mouth open in excitement.

Here are your next steps!

  1. Complete the enrollment form below
  2. We'll reach out with details for scheduling your appointment

If you cannot make our existing popup dates on August 2, 6 and 9, please still complete the enrollment form if you'd like to receive updates for future dates

Checked out and ready to roll?

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