Does your dog want to be a Healthspan Study Scientist?

We are looking for dogs that....

  • have an accurate birth year documented by veterinary or breeding records,
  • weigh less than 25 lbs or more than 50 lbs,
  • are 2-5 years old OR 7 or more years old, and
  • do not have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus or hypoadrenocorticism (also called Addison's disease)

And you must be able to bring your dog to one of these locations:

  • Quakertown, PA - Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
  • Springfield, MO - Bradford Park Veterinary Hospital
  • Fort Collins, CO - Front Range Veterinary Clinic
  • Decatur, IL - Northgate Pet Clinic
  • Dallas, TX - Hillside Vet Clinic
  • Bristol, CT - Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital
  • Harrisburg, PA - Animal Hospital of Dauphin County

Checked out and ready to roll?

After filling out this form, a Loyal team member will reach out to you. Submitting this form does not guarantee your dog's participation in the study.


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Illustration of a young Saint Bernard dog running very fast with its mouth open in excitement.

We look forward to learning more about you and your pup!