Chief of Staff

Full Time | San Francisco


Hi! I’m the Founder & CEO of Loyal. We’re developing drugs to extend dog lifespan; I want to build the defining aging company (“The SpaceX of aging”).

In the last year, we’ve built the team from just me to 20+, from idea to clinical studies - and we are just getting started. Cool things we are doing include: running a 500-dog aging study, building a model that can accurately quantify dog aging from images, and building campaigns to educate vets and Pet Parents on dog aging.

I’m looking for a Chief of Staff to be my right hand (wo)man to help me scale as a CEO. You’ll work with me on everything I do day to day, with a focus on helping me keep on top of my increasingly heavy schedule.

Here and here are two good articles on what an excellent CoS/operator works like.

I am looking for someone who is:

  • Extremely ambitious and mission motivated
  • Confident enough to give me feedback and push back hard
  • Humble, low ego
  • Learns quickly and can teach themself anything; executes quickly
  • High EQ and pragmatic
  • Strong, logical thinker
  • Extremely high quality bar - higher than mine

Your day to day may include…

  • Sitting in for me in meetings
  • Preparing decks
  • Writing investor updates
  • Circling with the team to see what deliverables I owe them
  • Building relationships with other company execs
  • Helping improve our team comms and organizationIdentifying and extinguishing fires
  • Supporting our PR + consumer work
  • Jumping into other teams when they need an extra pair of hands
  • Quarterbacking executive recruiting

This role is based in San Francisco. No specific background is necessary, but you should be confident that you can jump in and and provide value ASAP.

If this sounds like you, shoot me an email at with:

  1. Your social profiles (Twitter, LI, etc)
  2. A writing sample/blog
  3. What are you motivated by?
  4. Why do you want to be a CoS, and why at Loyal?
  5. Why do you think you’ll be an excellent CoS?
  6. What’s the most impressive thing you’ve done?
  7. What’s one way I could have made this job posting better?