Loyal is a consumer-facing company doing hard science.

We are working on a problem at the heart of every dog lover.

We hope to provide impactful solutions for Pet Parents by bringing cutting-edge aging biology to the clinic.

We seek the fastest path to scientific truth.

We take our responsibility to dog owners, the field of aging biology, and veterinary medicine very seriously.

We always aim to find the truth, whether or not it is convenient.

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We believe aging is one of the most impactful problems you can work on. We are building the best environment to tackle ambitious, challenging goals. Investing into a hard working, diverse, and happy team is our competitive advantage.

Whether straight out of graduate school or a seasoned biotech executive, we make sure that our team has the chance to develop personally, whether that be to contribute to cutting-edge science, grow into management positions, or even start an aging company of their own one day.

Our Values

The Fundamentality of Health

Good health is critical to every other human (and animal!) experience. We believe health is a fundamental right and are dedicating our lives to maximizing health and developing better medicines for the worst diseases.

Truth Seeking & Feedback Loops

Uniquely in biology, there is a predetermined truth of whether a specific drug will work or not — we just have to catch up with biology! We seek out this truth and do not shy away from inconvenient truths. This holds for personal development too: we are always searching for feedback loops and embody a perpetual growth mindset.

Morality & Empathy

We are developing medicines that may one day be given to a living animal, medicines that if designed badly could hurt that animal instead of help. This is a huge responsibility and should be respected as such. Our work needs to adhere to the strictest moral code and always integrate empathy for the patient.


We believe full transparency in thoughts, opinions, intentions, and actions (both good ones and mistakes) is a better way to build a business and work together.


Great business(wo)men do not need to be ruthless — you can execute excellently with kindness.

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We care about how you approach complex problems, not your specific scientific training.

Few people come to Loyal with previous expertise in dog aging. We look for strong scientific fundamentals paired with ruthless truth seeking and intellectual flexibility.

Academia, Industry, or Startup?

Learn Why Our Team Picked a Startup

Dina Juarez-Salinas, Ph.D.

Dina Juarez-Salinas, Ph.D.

Director, Preclinical Development

"In March 2020, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and pursue a completely new field of research, aging biology. Joining Loyal not only enabled me to grow scientifically, but has also provided an extremely collaborative environment which has allowed for unmatched productivity and success over a short period of time.

The transparency and team-work we embrace here at Loyal has created a unique culture which empowers and inspires its employees, allowing us to make substantial progress on our mission to advance the field of aging biology."

Michael LaCroix-Fralish, PhD

Michael LaCroix-Fralish, PhD

Vice President, Aging Biology

"I joined Loyal in May of 2020 because I wanted to accelerate the development of longevity therapeutics in order to meaningfully move the aging research field forward.

The advantage that Loyal has compared to large biotech companies is that we have laser focus on executing on our core thesis of demonstrating lifespan and healthspan extension in companion dogs. Combine that focus with our core culture of seeking truth and limiting barriers to execution means that we have moved faster on our mission than I initially believed possible!"

Our Mission

To Develop Drugs for Aging and to Foster Scientific Entrepreneurship

Common Questions About Doing Science in a Startup

We offer competitive benefits.

Learning | $100 per month for any book, course, or conference you’d like to attend that you think will help you grow professionally

Regular learning sessions and literature summaries from the science team

Health | Full-coverage health insurance, + dental and vision and a $70/a month gym budget plus access to the equipment at our office

Company paid Headspace account for meditation and mindfulness

Self Care | $150/month for spa, food delivery and/or house cleaning

Relocation | We offer $5,000 for individuals, up to $20,000 for employees who are also moving families.

Holiday | Vacation is unlimited; we make sure everyone takes at least two weeks a year.

Our office is in the heart of San Francisco, right at the top of the Mission District, but we have team members distributed across the country. We have laboratories in San Francisco and South San Francisco.

We plan to be a hybrid remote company for the foreseeable future.

Yes! Publishing is just as important for us as it is in academia, as it is necessary for us to peer-validate our science for veterinarians, regulators, and dog owners to trust our products.

Generally speaking, we pay at or above market rates. We pay significantly higher than academia.

In addition to cash compensation, we also have an above-average equity compensation plan. That means that, if Loyal is successful, all employees will be able to participate in the upside. You can learn more about equity compensation and how it works here.

We have unlimited vacation (and make sure you take at least two weeks) and flexibility to work the hours you want, as long as you get your work done and are available for the team. We work hard but efficiently. You will join a team that is used to executing at a pace many multiples faster than most academic or Big Pharma groups.

Yes! Access to senior leadership is only a slack message away. All team members do weekly 1-on-1’s with their direct manager and are encouraged to do them with other team members too.

At the average Loyal meeting, the senior leadership talks the least! We value informed opinions, hypotheses, and data - not titles.

Transparency across teams is a core cultural value at Loyal. All calendars are open, so you are able to pop into other meetings. We also meet twice a week as a group to go over each team’s goals and progress.

Unlike established Biopharma companies or academia, we have no set silos, glass ceilings, or time. During the hiring process, we spend a lot of time on understanding your personal goals (within or outside of Loyal). Additionally, we have a personal bias to promoting from within instead hiring in and aim to support you in your professional growth so that you can grow quickly within the company.

Startups are more financially precarious than academia and some parts of industry. However, the risk is usually overstated, especially in comparison to industry where layoffs are common.

Loyal is well funded. If we continue to execute on our goal (developing a drug for aging) we will continue to be well funded for years to come. However, this is a variable you should consider and be comfortable with if you are to join Loyal (or another startup)

While our studies are designed with a translational lens, we collaborate with academia on answering basic aging biology questions in parallel.

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