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Loyal Aging Seminar Series

Monthly talks with leaders in the aging field

Alex Morgan

Oct 22 • Loyal HQ (SF)

Alex Morgan

Alex is a Partner on the investment team at Khosla Ventures where he has a special focus in biotechnology, healthcare, data science, and AI/ML. Alex has an MD and PhD in biomedical informatics from Stanford, with a dissertation on machine learning methods in precision medicine.

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  • 00:30Intro
  • 3:30Alex Morgan Background
  • 9:30Working with Gene Ontology
  • 14:30Gene Expression Data Sets
  • 18:30On going to Grad School and Med School
  • 22:30How Alex joined Khosla
  • 27:00Investing in Different Types of Aging Companies
  • 30:30Wrap Up of Alex Bio
  • 35:00How to Hack Recruiting Execs
  • 37:38What do you think people need to understand about working with science?
  • 48:00What are the limitations of the conventional venture capital model as it relates to the longevity biotech space? And how could we solve that problem?

Kristen Fortney

Sep 29 • Loyal HQ (SF)

Dr. Kristen Fortney

Kristen is the co-founder and CEO of BIOAGE, a company aiming to develop a broad pipeline of therapies that target aging in order to increase healthspan and address chronic diseases. She received her PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto, followed by postdoctoral training at Stanford University where she was a fellow of the Ellison Medical Foundation / American Federation for Aging Research.

Laura and celine

Aug 11 • Loyal HQ (SF)

Laura Deming & Celine Halioua

Laura Deming is the founder of The Longevity Fund, the first venture capital fund dedicated to aging & lifespan extension. Celine Halioua is the Founder/CEO of Loyal, which she spun out of The Longevity Fund.

Luigi ferrucci aging seminar

July 22 • Virtual

Dr. Luigi Ferrucci

Dr. Ferrucci is the Scientific Director of the National Institute of Aging (NIA) and a geriatrician & epidemiologist who conducts research on the causal pathways leading to progressive physical and cognitive decline in older persons.

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